Is Allah truly holy? What does that mean for me?

The testimony of Allah is that he is “holy, holy, holy” (Isaiah 6:3), which means that he is totally distinct from his creation and also totally pure. He is so pure, in fact, that nothing unclean can enter his presence. Even Prophet Musa was not allowed to see Allah’s face because his holiness would have killed him (Exodus 33:20). Because of Allah’s holiness, no one can enter his presence with any sin. Both you and I have sinned a tremendous amount of times, and therefore we cannot enter into Allah’s presence.

But not only that, Allah’s holiness means that he is also just. Because of Allah’s justice, he must punish ever sin ever committed. Even one sin committed against him deserves eternal damnation in hell because he is that holy and glorious (Romans 6:23). Therefore, the only way to go to paradise is to be perfect. But that’s impossible!

You might say, “But Allah is merciful! He will forgive!” But Allah cannot sacrifice his justice and holiness in order to have mercy. For him to pardon sin without receiving justice would make him both unjust and unholy. He did make a way for us to go to paradise though…

The Injil says that Issa Ibn Maryam lived a perfect life, never sinning or dishonoring his Father once. He did not deserve the punishment we deserve for sinning, yet he still suffered the torment of Allah’s wrath when he was on the cross. After suffering for sins, he rose from the grave, proving victory over sin and death! Now he is offering a deal. He will give you his perfection and take your punishment if you trust him for salvation. ¬†Allah is holy and therefore cannot tolerate sin in his presence. Trusting Issa is the only way for Allah to not condemn you for your sin. It may not seem fair for someone else to take your punishment, but that’s why the Injil calls it “grace”. Will you receive the perfection He has provided for you by believing and following Issa Ibn Maryam?